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About Portal

About Portal

The Influenza A (H1N1) portal is a service of scientific and technical information that BIREME/PAHO/WHO is operating in the VHL (Virtual Health Library). The portal aims to respond the demand for information on critical aspects of the disease.

Its function is complementary to the scientific and technical activities of WHO (World Health Organization) and PAHO (Pan American Health Organization). Using the VHL and related networks methodology, the portal offers current and relevant information products and services. These are key tools for update and training of human resources for decision making based on information and scientific evidence on policies, management, research, education, care, prevention and control of Influenza A (H1N1).

Its target are experts, authorities and the general public. The portal offers access to a large and organized collection of information sources. The social network of institutions that produce relevant information on the portal subject involves, at first, international organizations of UN (United Nations) system and national organizations selected, such as the Center for Disease Control Prevention in the US and Ministry of Health.

The content network includes scientific and technical literature in Portuguese, English and Spanish, identified, selected and made available from the VHL and complementary networks. The portal also uses a repository to store the full text content following the bibliographic description and indexing of LILACS (Latin American and Caribbean Literature on Health Sciences).

The portal provides content in thematic areas such as vaccines, medicine, history, among others; content by information sources and different types of publication such as scientific articles, systematic reviews and guidelines, epidemiological reports, online communities or relevant websites by HIL (Health Information Locator), collections of Frequently Asked Questions provided by international organizations and local institutions, among other contents.

The portal links to news updates by RSS, Twitters, blogs and events selected according to quality and relevance criteria, through the network of Learning and Informed Environment and selected information sources.

The portal contents can easily be added to websites and blogs by users through the Widgets technology. Widgets are available on a source-code XHTML that syndicates the updates on Influenza A (H1N1) Portal to internet pages. Thus, whenever there is a new content on scientific and technical literature, any website that has the Widget will be also updated.

It is under development the constitution of an Advisory Committee with authorities, experts, representatives in the area of the overall Influenza A (H1N1) program. They will be from national and international institutions, invited to advice on the management and sustainable operation of the portal, as well as its evaluation based on criteria quality.

Recording the session on the new area of VHL on Influenza A(H1N1) (in spanish):

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